A Discussion About AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Artificial intelligence is one of the important technology for the future. You know why? Because the world is changed and human is not the smartest thing in the world anymore. Yeah, that’s true. We lost the fight against our creations. Not in too many areas but some of them, for example, chess, goo, or even quiet complicated games like Dota2. Well, How did this happen? Will these fascinating things are a threat to us? Let’s dive into the ocean of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and find out our answers.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a bunch of code algorithms that come together to provide a smart service on one special thing. Yes, mostly one. Why? Because we design in that way and if we try to do multi-thing, we should teach them multiple things, stuff, and judgment power which is not easy. One of the big problems that prevent us from multi-thing AI is judgment power. This is still an ongoing discussion. Shall we let them judge us or just small things? This is where the ethics are to move in. Another big problem is how we can connect two different things in one algorithm, one intelligence. If we can solve AI’s problems, it will solve our problems easily.

How does it work?

There are simply three different methods to create AI. Let’s look at them:

Decision Tree: Simple and roughest method for creating AI. In this method, you use a bunch of loops of if and else. By using this method you actually create a simple AI that does basic stuff for you. In other words, everybody can make a simple one.

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Machine Learning: In this method, we use data to teach machine about solving problems. Learning and experience algorithms in machine filters data and resolves problems based on this filtered data. We would see far more detailed and more complex examples in a future blog post. Keep in touch for more!

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Neural Network: This is the main AI thing that we saw in movies. If you watch Avengers: Age of Ultron(Good movie, I would recommend it.) there are two AI called Jarvis and Ultron. Jarvis is good AI, thinks good about humanity but Ultron’s perspective humans are a threat to the world, basically, Ultron thinks about humans are bad.


In our days AI’s are not as advanced as Jarvis or Ultron. In this time we separate AI’s into three sections. I’m going to shortly mention about that.

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): AI that expert in one area.
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): AI that expert in a lot of areas.
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): AI an expert in everything and capable of understanding everything that existing in this universe.
About other methods

There are other methods and algorithms for using creating an AI. But in this blog post, we look at three well-known ways to create an AI. In the future post’s we will take a look at details and we will even create our own AI. Until we see each other again, stay safe, and wash your hands.

by Tuna Güralp


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