Can You Accept My Feedback as a Gift?


Weare working as a team, so catching the harmony is so important in order to avoid inconsistency. Every department has its own kind of giving and receiving feedback. For instance, in a development team, we call them code reviews, bug reporting, tests, retrospectives, etc. You can check my article to learn more about retrospectives: Agile Methodologies: Sustainable Improvement Based on Retrospective.

Every day, we have to be active about feedbacks because this is the stage before delivering the project to the customer. However, what really matters is what you give and the way you receive feedback. The team should be doing this under the company values. When this is done right, it will bring you to successful points, but when you do wrong, you will lose and sink. A very fine line will keep you in balance.

Come on, let’s find out what they are.

Postponement: I am a very emotional person so getting familiar with this fact was not easy, however, career life is just taught me not to be that much emotional. Yes, I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings but the feedback has nothing to do with that. When I realize that the issue becomes larger, and giving feedback is tougher, I understand that it should not be delayed any longer. The day I encounter this was the day I was agile.

Express yourself well: How will the recipient digest the feedback? As a personal criticism, or will respond positively? Do not forget, you are sharing your thoughts to help them grow, not to hurt their feelings. We should make the distinction between depressing and empowering.

Construction: You are giving feedback because you want to change a colleague’s performance. You will expect a positive return. There are things that you can say and should not say. If you want to create an impact, you should be able to choose the right wordings.

Please, do not forget that feedbacks are the key component of growth. The whole team will benefit from it.

Identify Steps

As Digitalact, we value each comment, it does not matter whether it is positive or negative, and we believe that the negative ones are the most challenging ones and in the end, it makes us happy when we fix them. If we are growing, we owe this to the feedback we give in the retrospectives and to exceed them. While doing this, there are some steps we take to increase efficiency.

  • Ask permission to give feedback.
  • Express the problem.
  • Express the impact.
  • Suggest a solution.

I’ll give an example from one of our retrospectives.

May I give you some feedback?

You’re talking on the phone aloud in the office.

I try to concentrate on my work, but the sound bothers me.

Could you please use the meeting room when you talk to somebody?

Feedback is not a personal criticism, it is for absolute growth!
  • Be open to it. It can affect your mode or may hurt your feelings but grasp them tightly, use them to thrive.
  • Do not take it personally. Nobody speaks to your character. Everything can be related to your actions, your actions, your behavior.
  • It is time to act if weak points overlap with the feedback provided. Improve yourself and observe the contribution to your growth.

Take care~

by Debi Çakar


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