Who Are These ‘Personas’?


Connection. It’s all about the connection. It’s not just interacting with someone. So, what is it? Today, in this article, we will examine this issue in depth.

Making connection with your audience will carry you to forward, you must understand who your audience is and what they care about. And here come the ‘personas’. Maybe a new term for you to add into your vocabulary, or maybe a term that you already know, or (the last thing, do not worry) maybe it is a word just evokes from the word ‘person’.

Personas are characters that have name, job, interests, mindset, desires, boundaries, intentions, purposes and other behaviors. Each persona should be included in your customer portfolio, think a novel with so many chapters… Long running but compulsory for your business in order to meet desires. Because there is experience where there is diversity, and there is success where there is experience.

Not demographics!

At the beginning of my article, I said that we will go deeper, so I just want to remind you that personas are not demographics, we are not talking about the population. Gender, age, income is not important. Personas are directly represents who you’re speaking to.

As you get to know personas well over time, you can shape the content you will produce accordingly. I mean, you may be suffering from content shortage, then bring in personas and do targeted work. Do not waste a bullet, make sure the bullet you throw touches a real person. Don’t try at home.

I want to create but to whom?

With specific personas, you can create purposeful contents that speaks directly to your audience. They will influence the way your brand sounds. Therefore, paying the necessary attention will greatly affect how your brand will look from the outside.

We talked about who the personas are, but what about detection?

Try to get to know them by using some tools. For example, use Google Analytics to get some basic demographic information, and other handy data.

Diversity challenges, where to start?

At the very beginning, take a small number of people into your observation range. And ask:

  • What goals do they have?
  • What problems are they experiencing?
  • What do they care about?
Don’t Forget!

Personas are at the center of the digital strategy. They are the most important building block that we value as an agency. Since we have been in this industry for years, we had the opportunity to work with different people. We trust our know-how on this subject. To learn more about our stories, get in touch with us today.

Stay safe.

by Debi Çakar


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