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The Story

Today’s work is a project for our client and we are very proud of it. It was a fantastic experience and awesome collaboration with the marketplace for e-commerce shipping called Shipperco. We’ve created a unique and recognizable landing page design with amazing illustrations.

This project has a lot more to share and we look forward to it đź‘€
With globalization, people’s purchasing habits have changed, and in recent years, online shopping and door-to-door cargo deliveries, and special courier transportation have been in high demand. Shipperco is the fastest way possible for your shipments.
With this web application, from the moment an order is received, you can track when it is picked, packed, and shipped in real-time.

The new website

ShipperCo’s website is its most important touchpoint, and it needed to do a better job of establishing the brand. Our redesign placed people at the heart of the experience in order to strengthen ShipperCo’s point of difference as a human-centric logistics brand. We achieved this through the addition of a “content hub”, allowing for easy collating and publishing of case studies, press coverage, awards, and client testimonials.
ShipperCo’s also needed functional flexibility. Using a module-based approach, we structured the CMS environment to bolster marketing’s in-house capabilities and provide more control over the brand’s online presence.

“The positive feedback from our customers and prospective customers on the website was instantaneous. It was great for our team internally and the Digitalact to receive such glowing reviews, but it was the data on conversion rates that I focused on. We actually saw a 27% lift in conversion rates blended across all traffic sources.”

Alper Akman